Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Biography Project

There are so many interesting people in the world to study! Authors, Artists, Scientists, Presidents, Sportsmen, History Makers, Inventors, and so many more! We recently spent some time exploring the lives of some great figures in history using the database Pebble Go. 
Specifically designed to meet needs of preK-5 researchers. Animals, Earth and Space, Biographies and Social Studies articles and videos
 After looking through the many choices of people, each student selected a single person to focus on and research further. Each student started with the information on Pebble Go, and then expanded their search for information to books in our library. During this research time, students used a graphic organizer to collect important information about their selected individual. Then each student took his/her information and wrote a short narrative from the point of view of their person to tell about the important things in his/her life. We recorded these speeches and put them together on the website Voicethread.
 Please view our final project HERE and feel free to comment on our work!

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

All About Me - Tagxedo Style!

We created pictures of ourselves using words that describe us, our favorite things, and what we like to do.  We learned so much about each other, and the patience it sometimes takes to work with technology.  We used the Tagxedo website to create the following images:





More to come...

Thursday, September 20, 2012

Working on our words

We are typing our list of words ourselves! What a learning experience it is to do it ourselves!

I will like me even when I...

We have been learning a lot about ourselves and each other the past 2 weeks. We have filled out cards that tell us to like ourselves even when things don't turn out right. We talked about how we learn from our mistakes and always need to try to do our best. Then we created an all about me collage. We found pictures and words that represent all the things we love. Our parents helped us think of lots of words that tell about what we are like and what we like to do! And we can't wait to work on our "you are your words" final project!